Living Smart 6

The Benefits of LivingSmart®

Our home buyers benefit from our commitment to environmentally responsible building through LivingSmart®. The smart features and green components that go into every Winchester home help save the planet — and save you money.

  • HealthSmart
  • EnergySmart
  • EarthSmart
  • HomeSmart
  • WaterSmart


Healthy home features foster cleaner air and a healthier environment for your family.

Included features:
  • Low-formaldehyde attic insulation, enhancing energy efficiency while keeping the air you breathe clean and healthy
  • Sealed HVAC filters
  • Low VOC interior paint and adhesives
  • Whole house fresh air ventilation
  • Carbon monoxide detectors on each floor
Health Smart features:

(optional features available at select communities)

  • High-efficiency electronic air filtration system with advanced programmable thermostat for temperature and humidity control
  • Hard-surface flooring choices that eliminate carpet fibers that harbor dust mites, pet dander and other allergens, improving indoor air quality
  • Central vacuum system, promoting indoor air quality by carrying dust-laden air directly to canister in garage


Energy conservation technology helps keep your utility bills low and efficiency high.

Included features:
  • High-efficiency LED bulbs, which use less energy, last longer and operate cooler
  • Energy-efficient 14-SEER air conditioner with PuronTM
  • Advanced framing and building envelope technologies for better energy performance
  • Energy Star® low-E argon-filled glass windows, which reduce heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays and provide optimal insulation
  • Programmable thermostat provides multiple time and temperature settings
  • Whirlpool refrigerator and dishwasher
  • Typar exterior house wrap to reduce air and water infiltration
Energy Smart features:

(optional features available at select communities)

  • Dimmer switches and occupancy sensors
  • Upgraded thermostat with smartphone capability
  • Energy Star® low-water, energy-saving, front-loading washing machines and dryers
  • Fluorescent or LED lights in addition to the standard package
  • Tankless water heater with control panel for temperature adjustments


From start to finish, Winchester Homes® keeps the impact of our building in mind.

Included Earth Smart features:
  • Engineered wood that resists warping, splitting and shrinking, while preserving our forests
  • Trus Joist flooring system
  • Architect-specified fiberglass entry doors, featuring the rich look of wood without sacrificing any trees
  • Convenient recycling center discreetly housed in kitchen cabinet
  • Low- and /no-maintenance exterior materials
  • Land development practices that protect and enhance wetlands, streams, forests and habitat
Earth Smart features:

(optional features available at select communities)

  • Low-fiber flooring using materials from quickly rejuvenating, managed forests
  • Plush, stain-resistant carpeting made from recycled material in choice of designer-selected colors plus Green Label pad
  • Many additional Earth Smart materials and products available.


Smart technology that helps you stay comfortable, in control, connected and able to save energy—from anywhere.

Comfort and Control

Save energy at home or while you’re away via your smartphone or tablet. Temperature, lighting and much more can be controlled with just a tap, for your ongoing comfort or imminent arrival.

Access and Security

Control access and securely monitor who’s coming and going on your own smart device. Even when you’re away, you can let in service providers and guests. It’s the ultimate peace of mind at home or on the go.

WiFi Connectivity

A mesh WiFi system will keep your smart home smart and connected. Whether controlling your connected smart devices or streaming your favorite shows, your signal stays strong. Some features may be optional or available in select communities only.


Water-saving features that can lower your utility bill while conserving a precious resource.

Included Water Smart features:
  • Delta faucets Water SenseTM reduces water usage while maintaining desired water pressure
  • Quick recovery gas hot water heater
  • Energy Star®-rated water-saving dishwasher
  • Low-flow shower heads, faucets and toilets
  • Sites designed with extensive storm water management techniques that improve our streams, rivers and the bay
  • Landscape designs with native, low-maintenance plants to reduce water, fertilizer and herbicide use
Water Smart features:

(optional features available at select communities)

  • Optional recirculating pump and timers added to tankless water heaters that further reduce wasted water and energy
  • Water-saving Energy Star® front-loading washer
  • Water-efficient irrigation controllers and landscape design in select neighborhoods

How to visit and enter these homes without an appointment:

  1. Look for the COME ON IN! sign on a participating home.
  2. Download and use the NterNow app on your smartphone to get a one-time access code — or simply call the phone number on the sign.
  3. Enter the access code on the lock and that’s it! Just walk in and enjoy your tour.
  4. When you’re ready to leave, simply close the door behind you.