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Your brand new home is a blank canvas waiting to express your personal style. Enter the Design Studio and your own team of professional co-creators. They’re mindful of your time and budget, dedicated to bringing the wow factor, and have an impressive array of styles and options for you to play with. So in the end your home feels unique, just like you.


Five steps to the home of your dreams? Easy. The Design Studio process is as straightforward as making an appointment, logging into our Online Design Studio to make a wish list and save your favorites, gathering your inspiration, working with your designer on interior selections, then signing off and letting the magic happen.

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Your new home comes with design-forward features included and hand-picked by our team of new home professionals. You can also make personal selections to take your dream home to the next level.

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Need to Know More?
Here are some of the most common questions our homebuyers have before they get started—and the answers too, of course.

Think of the Design Studio as the creative playground where your house becomes a home. You’ll find a curated collection of product choices with interactive displays and resources to help you and your Design Consultant craft a home that fits your lifestyle and budget.

You’ll be working with a dedicated Design Consultant to
ensure you have the best possible Design Studio experience, so yes, an
appointment is required. Your New Home Advisor will schedule your first
appointment when you sign your Purchase Agreement. During your first
appointment, we will review all your available choices and options, answer any
questions, and help evaluate your selections to guide you through the process.

Depending on the size and uniqueness of your home, between one and two appointments is standard.  At the first appointment expect to spend three hours with us reviewing all of your personal choices available.  At this appointment we get to know your lifestyle needs, design preferences and select early deadline options like electrical, plumbing, appliances, and cabinets.  Depending on your community, we may complete all of your choices in the first three hour appointment or we may need more time with you in a second appointment which would have already been scheduled by our Coordinator.  If the second appointment is required, we will finish personalizing your home by selecting and finalizing all key elements of the kitchen, bath, light fixtures, flooring and more.  We want to be sure each of your visits with us is unique and personal.

The Design Studio is a thoughtfully curated space where you can personalize many aspects of your home. You’ll find a wide array of choices in flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, kitchen and bathroom colors, finishes, and more. It’s all about making home personal and a unique reflection of your taste and lifestyle.

Design Studio hours and accessibility vary from location to location. The best approach is to reach out to your New Home Advisor and ask about a preview tour or other visit. 

Prior to your first appointment you’ll receive an email that includes your Online Design Studio link and login. Once logged in you can create a wish list, review your personal choice options, as well as pricing. This will ensure that you are better prepared for your design appointments with us. Next, start pulling together inspiration photos, swatches, pins, or create mood boards of things you like. We’ve even had people bring a favorite lamp to the Design Studio. And finally, think about how you want to live in your home and what’s important to you. Entertaining? Easy maintenance? Pets? Visiting our model homes is a great way to view different designs and help you feel more prepared and inspired.

We care about your kids’ safety, and given that the Design Studio may contain heavy and sharp objects and other potential safety concerns, we respectfully request that you make child care arrangements as we don’t have a child-care area. We understand the demands on your time, but hope that with your undivided attention, we’ll be able to maximize every minute of your appointment and ensure that you’re happy with all the decisions you’re making about your future home. Please feel free to take pictures during your appointment so you can share the experience later with your family and friends. We know this is exciting for everybody.

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