New vs. Resale. (Spoiler: It’s not even close)

New vs. Resale. (Spoiler: It’s not even close)

If you’re reading this blog, you’re most likely in the market for a new home. Or, like us, you’ve been spending more time at home and have run out of dance videos to try. Either way, you’re also probably wondering about resale homes, weighing the pros and cons of each.


Bottom line, you’re doing your research, which is smart. At Winchester Homes we like smart, which is why we build as much of it as we can into every home. Here are some other things we build into our NEW homes that you won’t find in too many resale homes, no matter how much dancing or researching you do:

New Means Clean

Not to be Captain Obvious, but let’s start with the fact that, unlike a resale home, in a fresh new Winchester home you’ll be the first and only homeowner ever. So there’s that.

New Means Flexible

Our new homes are designed with multi-functional spaces that can transition from one thing to another throughout the day. A private home office. A homework space for kids. An art and crafting loft. A fitness studio. Even an outdoor sanctuary. You have the flexibility to use a room, and transform it, as you wish. 

New Means Live-able

A new Winchester home is “real-life” designed. Innovative floorplans ensure everything flows more naturally from room to room. Conveniences and smart tech like wi-fi thermostats, lighting controls, smart hub networks and smart speakers are seamlessly integrated into the home, right where they need to be for modern lifestyles.

New Means Indoor/Outdoor Living

These days, indoor/outdoor living is more important than ever. Even where outdoor space is limited, our new homes are designed to open up to a covered patio, shady loggia or backyard fireplace so the entire experience feels bigger and more like an inviting sanctuary.

New Means Zzzzzs

One of the unsung ways a new home can be healthier for you is the ability to create your own sleep sanctuary, something experts are saying is key to well-being. A dedicated work space separate from sleeping space, advanced air filtration and large windows for healthy circadian rhythm are all features of a new Winchester home.

New Means Multi-Generational

Today’s families look a lot different than the nuclear family most older resale homes were designed for. Modern families often have an adult child or older parent living with them. New Winchester homes offer multi-generational living environments like generous first-floor suites or multiple primary suites.

And the list goes on.

We think you’ll agree,
the time for new is now.

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