New vs. Resale

New vs. Resale

It’s better in so many ways.

New homes offer so many advantages over resale homes. Save time, money, no-hassles and healthier, more efficient living are just a few of the many benefits you’ll receive when you buy a new Winchester Homes home.

Just the way you like it.

With a resale home, you get what you get. And then you get to live through the hassle of renovation if you want anything new, different or better. When you buy a new home, you get to design it with everything you want. Your options, your floorplan to fit your lifestyle from day one, saving you time, money and hassle.

Contemporary Floor Plans

First floor owner’s suite; massive, his and her walk-in closets; high ceilings and open plans are typically standard in today’s modern-day floor plan designs. To achieve these features in a resale home, prepare for massive renovations and costs. Not to mention the hassle of living through renovations and all the “surprises” you’ll encounter along the way.

Modern Appliances, Systems and Home Automation

Appliances are expensive to replace. In your new home, you won’t have to worry about them for years to come. And you enjoy 100% of their warranty. Today’s new homes electrical, HVAC and networking systems are all state-of-the-art compared to stuff built as recently as five years ago. Technology in the new home industry moves just as quickly as other industries and today’s solutions like HomeSmart® technology featuring Amazon’s Alexa® allow for future upgrades with endless possibilities in home automation. Close the garage door from work (or Sydney Australia if you like). Turn out all the lights with one voice command. The future is here, in your new home. You’re not likely to find any of these features in a resale home.

Energy & Cost Savings

Today’s new homes are loaded with cutting-edge energy efficient products and systems from windows and insulation to more efficient appliances and HVAC systems all of which dramatically cut down on your overall costs. You could upgrade your resale home to a degree at tremendous cost and hassle but new home systems are designed to work together. You’ll never replicate the efficiency and savings of a new home.

Low Maintenance

Time to replace the roof or rotted trim and siding on that 20-year-old home? Probably, but you won’t have to worry about that in your new home. New homes are built with low-maintenance products that are designed to last much longer than traditional products from roofing and siding to flooring and cabinetry. Most components that make up your new house are built to last a long, long time so you won’t have the hassle of future maintenance.

Safety First

New homes offer state-of-the-art circuit breakers; electric garage door openers with infrared beams that stop if a tricycle or child is too near; high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners that use the latest environmentally-friendly coolants; cabinets, carpets and paints that use fewer volatile organic compounds, so that you and your family can breathe easier and are more fire retardant; the latest hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Resale homes can come with mold, asbestos or even lead paint, let alone whatever dust, dirt, germs and smells are left behind by previous owners.


Many new homes are part of a master-planned community with resort-style amenities including pools, clubhouses, trail systems, and more which not only enhance the value of your home, they enhance your lifestyle. Want to add a pool to your existing home? They average about $60,000 and the annual maintenance and energy costs run about $2,000/year.


Many of the new home benefits we described work in concert with each other like heating and ventilation systems, modern insulation products, non-voc (volatile organic compounds) products, moister resistant materials, even contemporary lighting options all work together to create a healthier environment that’s warmer, drier and less expensive to maintain and operate over time. Plus a new home is just that, brand new. Never been lived in by anyone. So there’s no one else’s, who knows what, to have to worry about.

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