Stress Less this Holiday Season

Stress Less this Holiday Season

Is the pressure on you to create a festive feast and magical moments for the whole family? Take advantage of these tips and tricks that will help you impress everyone with a successful seasonal celebration.

Save Time

If it’s starting to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to prepare for the big party, use some of these hacks to stop wasting precious minutes and maximize every moment.

Avoid weekend shopping at all costs. This is prime time for everyone to be out and about. This means more time driving to and from the store, more time picking things out and more time waiting in line to pay. If you can, get the bulk of your shopping done during the week to avoid this rush.

Don’t leave all cooking for the day of. Many recipes will allow for some easy prep the night — or even the week — before. One great example is to pre-mix dry ingredients to save time and skip a few steps in the process. Some food can even be prepped so all that’s left to do is toss it in the oven. Or at the very least you can gather all ingredients the night before so that when you get to the kitchen everything is ready for you

Save Money

Holiday travel, gift buying and more nights eating out during the holiday season can all eat into your carefully managed budget. Use these tips to save when you’re hosting at home.

Try seasonal options instead of traditional floral arrangements. Greens like fir, pine and juniper thrive in the winter months. Because they’re so abundant, they can be up to half the cost of fresh flowers. Plus, these plants are worth their while, lasting up to three weeks when many flowers will wilt after just one.

Find drinks to satisfy your palate and your wallet. The closest liquor shop to you might be the wrong place to stock up on wine and spirits. With the help of online wine retailers, you’ll be able to find the lowest priced options — or even apply discounts to the purchase. Also consider less popular regions like Oregon and Santa Barbara when selecting wines and you can get a similar quality bottle at half the cost of one from a more famous area.

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  1. Look for the COME ON IN! sign on a participating home.
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