5 Eye-Catching Interior Design Trends to Embrace in the New Year

5 Eye-Catching Interior Design Trends to Embrace in the New Year

A lot has changed in the world of interior design over the past year, and more is sure to change in the months ahead, too.

So if you’re thinking about giving your living spaces an upgrade in 2018, follow these five trends to create an eye-catching aesthetic in your home.

Making the Most of Flexible Living Spaces

While the concept of a true “open” floor plan may be going by the wayside in the next year, the idea that you don’t have to stick to a home design’s traditional layout is definitely still in style.

Approach your home’s layout by thinking about how what kind of activities you’d like to use each space for, not where you envision individual pieces of furniture to be placed. Doing so will allow you extra flexibility with how you want your home to flow and feel.

The Langley II Model at Timber Lake

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Bold Colors

We’re all for light, airy design concepts, but not at the expense of personality. And one of the quickest ways to give your space that right touch of personality is to go bold with your wall colors and design elements.

You don’t have to do anything too over the top to get your point across, but it’s definitely going to be a departure from the classic eggshell-white wall colors of old.

The Bashore Model at Willowsford

Consider Quartz and Colors in the Kitchen

There’s nothing wrong with granite countertops or classically styled kitchens, but quartz and color are most definitely on-trend for today’s kitchens.

Smooth, contemporary and practical, choosing quartz over granite is an easy way to up the ante in one of your home’s most-used living spaces. And with the right blend of bold coloring — whether in the paint choice or in the cabinetry selection — your kitchen could quickly stand above the rest.

The Cannon Model at Potomac Highlands

Lighten Up on Hardwood Floors

No, hardwood floors aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But the preferred color of them is certainly changing.

Although deeply colored hardwoods can help a room truly stand out in a home, lighter, more textured hardwood flooring materials are gaining in popularity.

The Brooke Model at Two Rivers

Yes, It’s Okay to Use Yellow

Yellow has always been a challenging color to work into an interior design, but in 2018, it’s perhaps the best color you can use if you want to help your spaces stand out.

If you’re skeptical of the trend, you don’t have to go all out with the color, either. Simply adding splashes of it with things like a patterned area rug or some contemporary furniture.

The Barton Model at Glenmont MetroCentre

Have any interior design tips, ideas or suggestions of your own for the new year? Be sure to share them in the comments below!

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