6 Decorating Tips to Follow This Fall

6 Decorating Tips to Follow This Fall

Updating your home’s decor for the autumn months? Here are six ways you can give your home the perfect feeling for fall.

Fire Up That Fireplace

There’s nothing quite like a fireplace that warms the heart and soul of your home on a cool fall afternoon or evening. You can add fall-themed tchotchkes and nature-inspired decor like gourds and cranberry branches, but even just a warm flame in the hearth is usually enough to achieve the right aesthetic.

Go for a Farmhouse Feeling

There’s something about fall that makes us think about the charm of the farmhouse aesthetic. If your home has hardwood floors, you can play off of the dark, rich colors in the room, and it doesn’t take much more than some rustic throw pillows, mason jars or, if your budget allows, furniture and fixtures to complete the look.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Fresh Flowers

Even as the leaves fall from the trees all around you, fresh flowers never go out of style and provide a lively, colorful pop against the rich, warm colors of autumn. Make them a part of your centerpiece on your table, or add new life to your living room by placing them over the fireplace on the mantel.

The Manhattan Model at Cabin Branch

Rest Assured, Wreaths Aren’t Just for Winter

Fall is the perfect time to decorate your door or living area with a wreath. But rather than using a wreath with the traditional evergreen color, try finding (or making!) something that complements the shades of brown, gold, yellow and orange that make this season so special.

Make It Even Cozier with Candles

Let’s face it, candles make everything better, and that’s especially true in fall. Give your everyday candles a seasonal lift by decorating their votives with autumn leaves, pine cones, twine, etc. And don’t forget, pumpkin, apple and spice scents are totally in!

The Barrington Model at Landsdale

Leverage the Power of the Pumpkin

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to make the most of the decorating power of the pumpkin. We recommend using real pumpkins on the porch and in the home whenever possible, but even pumpkin-shaped decorations give your spaces a distinct fall feeling. You can use the pumpkin’s orange color as the base for the rest of your space’s palette, or use them sparingly for natural pops of color and contrast.

Looking for some year-round decorating inspiration? Be sure to check out Winchester Homes on Pinterest!

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