5 Essential Home Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

5 Essential Home Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

It can be hard to let go of the summer season. But as soon as September starts up and school gets back in session, we quickly ramp up for fall. It’s a time of the year that always flies by. That’s why it’s essential to not overlook giving your home the TLC it deserves during this time of year. Set aside some time and use these tips to prepare your home for fall.

Trim Back Trees

One of the most essential fall home tips is to check the trees on your property. If any are dead or in poor health, they could pose a huge risk to your home as the weather turns for the worse.

When winter snows hit, the weight of falling snow can snap a dead or vulnerable tree and cause major damage if it lands on your home. So trim back tree limbs and consult with an arborist if you have concerns about the health of a tree on your property.

Organize Your Entryway

Take an hour to organize your home entryway and even install additional storage options. With the kids rushing in and out to classes, sports practices and club meetings, all their stuff — from school bags to sports jerseys — can quickly pile up. Get ahead of the game and set a proper home for each and every item. You’ll save yourself from a growing pile of stress down the road. Plus, it just feels that much nicer stepping into an organized home.

Pull Out the Paint Brush

It’s the perfect time to freshen up your walls — interior or exterior — with a new look. The weather is warm enough that you can leave the windows open and air out that paint odor after painting interior walls but also cool enough that fresh exterior paint won’t bubble and run in the hot sun.

Ensure Energy Efficiency

Now is definitely the time you want to inspect your home for drafts and cracks — anywhere your heating can escape when cold weather hits.

Check your window frames, doors and exterior walls. Exterior caulk can provide a quick fix, and it dries best during mild temperatures. Have a gap between the front door and flooring? Consider installing a storm door or add weatherstripping. In the winter, all these small imperfections will only get worse — and more expensive — as materials contract in the cold and expensive energy used to heat your home escapes.

Unpack Cold Weather Storage and Stock Up on Supplies

If, like many people, you packed away heavy jackets, sweaters and seasonal equipment in the spring, now’s the time to pull it out and freshen it up before you really need it. Air them outside in the fresh air and sunlight to get rid of any mildew or musty odor they’ve acquired while being packed away. Wait too long, and you’ll be stuck washing everything before it can be worn again.

There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into getting a home ready for the season ahead, and the older the home is, the more likely you’ll be in real need of these fall home preparations. The reality is, it will always be an uphill battle getting an old home up to modern energy-efficiency standards. Maybe you’re ready to skip these steps and move into a new home. If so, you’re in luck, because we have a wide collection of Move-In-Ready Homes available for you this fall.

Want to learn more about how much you can save in a new home? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our New Home Specialists. They can share resources, answer any questions and point you in the direction of the new home community that’s just right for you.

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