Family, Friends and Food: Entertain With Confidence This Holiday Season

Family, Friends and Food: Entertain With Confidence This Holiday Season

Know Your Group

No one knows your loved ones better than you do. Trust your instincts when it comes to making them feel at home while they visit. Have a lot of kids in the family? Make sure sharp objects and other hazards are out of reach — their parents will be put at ease and more likely to enjoy themselves.

On the other hand, if you’re hosting your adult friend group, you could set up a holiday bar to kickstart the festivities and make the merriment more easily accessible. Knowing exactly who’s showing up can also inform you of any dietary restrictions you need to work around.

Keep It Simple

Good food is essential for any holiday gathering, but it can easily be the most stressful part to plan. Everyone has their preferences, is it even possible to please them all? When you have a big enough selection of food options, everyone is bound to find at least a few things they enjoy — even if it all comes from the dessert table!

The biggest key to satisfy the crowds during the holiday season is to keep it simple. Stick to popular dishes and you’ll be sure to please. That doesn’t mean the dishes have to be boring, though! Adding a twist to a classic meal will impress guests while still giving them a comfort food they’ll gravitate to.

Remember, You’re Not On Your Own

If you’re hosting a large crowd and feeling overwhelmed by all of the moving parts, remember that all of your loved ones are eager to contribute, too! Inviting your guests to bring appetizers or desserts can add variety to the meal and take additional prep work off your plate. You can also get some additional assistance from local shops and utilize some of their premade food options.

Only having to start from scratch on a few dishes can make all of the difference and when you serve everything with a festive presentation, no one will be able to tell the difference! Modern appliances like slow cookers and warmers on your oven are also an important tool to help lighten your load.

Enjoy Yourself

Remember, the holidays are a time for celebration! Don’t get so caught up in hosting that you forget to have a good time. With all the prep work you’ve put in to make your holiday event go off without a hitch, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Enjoy your party. Even if something doesn’t go to plan, know that no one is expecting perfection. Just brush it off and remember how blessed you are to be in your favorite place with your favorite people.

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