5 Interior Design Trends Heating Up This Summer

5 Interior Design Trends Heating Up This Summer

Summer is a natural time to host and entertain in your home. So naturally, you want it to look its best. You might have rooms that you feel are looking outdated. Or maybe you have been looking forward to renovating for a while. Check out these hot design trends and see if they fit your style.  


  1. White Walls. Bold Furniture.

All-white walls are the status quo when it comes to neutral style. While this trend’s popularity cycles through every few years, it’s not going anywhere, especially during these warm summer months spent soaking in the sun.

It keeps things clean and simple and provides a blank slate for your furnishings to become the focal point. That’s where bold, single-colored furniture pieces are taking the limelight this summer to imbue a sense of warmth to white-wrapped spaces. These pieces feature unpatterned bold pastel colors.


  1. Black and White

Darker tones are coming into style more than ever. Many are turning to all-black for a kick of drama. But the effect is best used when it’s balanced against white. The appeal is undeniable, as a tasteful combination creates a style that’s both modern and timeless. Metallic accents, particularly gold, are also very popular.

It doesn’t quite scream summer though. The key to pulling off this look is creating a careful balance between the commanding presence of black, the stark contrast of white and the right combination of natural light.


  1. Navy – The New Neutral and Nautical Style

Along with black, the use of navy is quickly gaining steam, and it makes for a more summer-appropriate aesthetic.

Hailed as “the new neutral,” the color succeeds by making a statement without overpowering a room. Also, nautical touches are trendy this summer and pairings of navy stripes and brass are increasingly common. Brass is finally making a comeback, too, from accent pieces to fixtures and hardware.   


  1. Bringing the Outdoors In

With science validating the mental and physical of benefits of houseplants and the explosive popularity of succulents on social media, it’s no wonder that foliage is making its way indoors and into the world of design.

What’s trending now is the practice of bringing the outdoors inside to help create an authentic sense of place. Use colors, houseplants, textures and materials that mimic the location of your home. Close to the mountains? Think stone, rich hardwoods and deep greens. By the beach? Go with driftwood, wicker and sky blue walls.  


  1. Textures > Patterns

After more than a decade of pattern-overload, designers are going back to the basics. Some claim it’s a response to the need for calm and less clutter in a world where our daily lives are increasingly hectic. We would agree, but there’s still no excuse for dull and boring design. Instead of patterns, designers are complementing primary colors in their designs with varying shades and mixing textures throughout to keep things exciting.

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