These 5 Home Features Will Have You Living Smarter in the New Year

These 5 Home Features Will Have You Living Smarter in the New Year

As we approach the new year, we enter that iconic time where many of us search for new ways of self-improvement. A way to start off 2019 better than the year before. But all too often, a typical new year’s resolution falls off the rails in a matter of weeks. We’re creatures of habit, and it can be difficult to change our established routines.

But there’s one way to almost guarantee the success of your commitments to living better. Instead of trying to make a change to your daily routine, change your environment and come home to a place that gives you the power to live smart every day. Check out these 5 LivingSmart home features that will start you off on the right foot from the moment you move in.


Looking to exercise more? It’s a good idea to make sure your environment is setting you up for success. With our HealthSmart program, we use the latest ventilation and filtration systems so you can breathe deep knowing your air is protected from dust mites, pet dander and other allergens that can clog up your airways.


Trying to tighten your budget? Frugal living starts with avoiding unnecessary expenses and keeping monthly costs down. With our EnergySmart program, we install the latest, most efficient insulation technology and energy-saving appliances into your new home to keep your utility bills low and your conscience clear.


Want to do your part to protect the planet and lower your carbon footprint? You should know that it’s not just about what you use in a given day, but all the energy that goes into creating the products you use in the first place. For example, a hybrid car only makes for greener living if the emissions you reduce from increased fuel efficiency aren’t offset by the extra energy used to manufacture a hybrid compared to a traditional fuel vehicle.

With our EarthSmart program, we use engineered wood that resists warping, splitting and shrinking as well as architect-specified fiberglass entry doors, featuring the rich look of wood without sacrificing any trees. All of it is done to reduce our consumption of wood products and preserve our world’s forests. We also install a convenient recycling center inside your kitchen cabinets to make it easier to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Finally, our land development practices go out of the way to help protect and enhance wetlands, streams, forests and habitat. We see a connection with nature as a vital part of healthy modern living, and that’s why we protect the beautiful, natural spaces of our communities as a major asset — not land marked for future development.


If you’re setting the goal to be more productive in the new year, our HomeSmart program can make it easier to achieve it. We’ll install the latest smart home technology in your new home to make everyday living easier. Remotely control your home — everything from its temperature and lighting to access and security. You’ll find more time in the day to pursue your goals. With HomeSmart, the power is in your hands.


If you’re looking for ways to continue your conservation efforts further, you should know that fresh water is the world’s most important resource. Our WaterSmart program works on many levels, from our community development plans to the landscaping and appliances of your home to help you conserve water, empowering you to live greener and reduce your monthly utility bills.

Want to learn more about how it all works? Take a look at the specific features within each pillar of our LivingSmart program here.

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