3 Reasons Why You Should Refer a Friend to Become a Neighbor

3 Reasons Why You Should Refer a Friend to Become a Neighbor

Every family knows there are many factors that make for a happy home. First and foremost, the physical spaces of a home must satisfy the wants and needs unique to that family. It’s the whole reason behind “Your Home. Your Way” Once a home satisfies those considerations, then we can look outside to our neighborhoods and surrounding community to find that natural sense of belonging — that magical feeling of knowing we’re right where we’re supposed to be.    

We know that this feeling of belonging is essential to achieving happiness in your new home. That’s why we carefully select the communities where we build in locations that our current and future homeowners want to live: communities that are filled with amenities, close to popular points of interest, and places that actively nurture relationships between neighbors.   

It’s a great way to start off on the right foot. But there’s one way you can ensure you find that instant connection. Refer a friend to join you in choosing a new Winchester home, and you can find ultimate peace of mind knowing there’s always a friendly face and trusted neighbor just around the corner!

They’ll Receive a $1,000 Design Credit On Their New Home*

When you (a current Winchester homeowner) accompany a friend during their first visit to one of our New Home Galleries, simply ask for and fill out a referral card. We’ll award your friend with a $1,000 design credit for use in personalizing their new home, compliments of you.

You’ll Find It Easier to Build Stronger Relationships in Your Community

The support of a friend can go a long way in improving your confidence to try new things or go out on a limb. They can help you commit to a new opportunity or provide the social proof, that yes, people do actually enjoy spending time with you!

You’ll Have a Support Group On-Demand

It’s incredibly hard to maintain friendships as we age. Our essential social networks naturally shrink as we get older, and we find ourselves increasingly busy with work, family life and our own personal pursuits. People spread out and drift away. However, it becomes so much easier to maintain those friendships when we’re close in proximity to one another.

Studies have shown just how important long-term friendships are to our physical and mental health. As a result, long-term friendships can provide a support group to reduce stress and an outlet to improve quality of life overall. Ultimately, the benefits of having a close friend as a neighbor are impossible to ignore!

If you have questions or would like to learn more information about how to refer a friend to Winchester Homes, don’t hesitate to reach out. Email our New Home Specialists Amy Dooling and Steven Buterbaugh or visit your community’s New Home Gallery today!

*A $1,000 design center credit referral reward is available to new buyers when referred by a current Winchester homeowner. To be eligible, referrer must accompany and register referred buyer on buyer’s FIRST visit to a Winchester New Home Gallery. Referral reward applied upon close of buyer’s escrow. No referral reward will be applied if escrow does not close. Referral reward NOT available in broker/agent transactions and brokers/agents not eligible for referral reward. Maximum of one referral reward paid per homesite. Referrer may not receive a referral reward by referring oneself. Referrer’s role is limited SOLELY to referring buyer on buyer’s FIRST visit. Referrer shall not conduct any activity for which a real estate license is required. Subject to conditions, restrictions and availability. Federal and state taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. Void where prohibited.

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