The Perfect Place to Start Fresh, Right Now.

The Perfect Place to Start Fresh, Right Now.

As the weather warms and spring comes into full bloom, it’s hard to ignore that tingle of excitement that accompanies the change. It’s the promise of new beginnings and endless possibilities that only comes this time of year.

If you need any more reasons to take up that instinctual urge to start fresh, then turn to us. Now through May 31, you can save thousands in options and incentives when you buy a new, to-be-built Winchester home.

Choosing a to-be-built home means you’re in control. You’ll get to personalize your new home to perfectly fit your family’s lifestyle.

Have your eye on a particular Winchester Homes community? Possibly a luxurious single family home at our new Fairfax community of West Grove? Or maybe you’re attracted to the resort lifestyle and urban design of our Avenue Series townhomes at Cabin Branch? Each community is offering their own special incentives so be sure to check out the savings that could be yours at the communities that interest you most.

Start your search today and schedule a tour. It’s the perfect time for your fresh start.

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How to visit and enter these homes without an appointment:

  1. Look for the COME ON IN! sign on a participating home.
  2. Download and use the NterNow app on your smartphone to get a one-time access code — or simply call the phone number on the sign.
  3. Enter the access code on the lock and that’s it! Just walk in and enjoy your tour.
  4. When you’re ready to leave, simply close the door behind you.