Welcoming Home Formerly Homeless Veterans and Their Children in Alexandria, VA

Welcoming Home Formerly Homeless Veterans and Their Children in Alexandria, VA

Ten formerly homeless female veterans and their children now have a newly renovated and expanded residence to call home following the completion of a collaboration between Final Salute and HomeAid Northern Virginia.

We worked alongside HomeAid to transform Final Salute’s residence in Alexandria, VA, to create a shelter for these families. As Builder Captain, our team was responsible for providing resources for the 8,700-square-foot renovation.

“Winchester Homes has been involved in this project from the very beginning in May 2016,” Winchester Homes Project Manager Mark Woods-Hulse said. “These types of projects are complex and take a lot of work, but everyone involved came together to create a beautifully renovated home for women who have sacrificed a lot for our country.”

Karen’s Home

The Final Salute home, called “Karen’s Home,” provides 8,700 sq. ft. of living space that can accommodate up to 10 female veterans and their children. Prior to the renovation, the house had seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. With the renovation, overall living space was reconfigured to eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The team also upgraded the kitchen and bathrooms, added new fixtures, built a new deck and pergola, expanded storage areas, and ultimately optimized the layout of the home for residents. In addition, a previously underutilized area of the basement was converted into living space for a residential manager who provides ongoing, on-site services to residents.

“We were there to help schedule demolition, build out, trade partners and inspections,” Woods-Hulse said. “From beginning to end, Winchester Homes was invested in this project and the community members it served to support.”

The official dedication ceremony and ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Tuesday, July 17, at the Fairfax County home.

Of the estimated $650,000 cost of the renovation, 85% was donated by the teams tasked with renovating the property. As a result, Final Salute was able to invest more of its budget in programs and services for women veterans and their children, rather than in construction costs.

“We are happy to have contributed to this project and have had the opportunity to give back to our community,” Winchester Homes Project Manager Brian Phebus said. “We recognize the sacrifice our veterans have made, and we hope this newly renovated home has a positive impact on female veterans and their children. Winchester Homes continuously strives to maintain our core value of paying it forward. And this project gave us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our community neighbors.”

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